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the art of body & skin care

The Massage Therapists at blú day spa are trained in a variety of massage and bodywork therapies including Swedish, deep tissue, shiatsu, reflexology, reiki, as well as ayurvedic face and foot treatments.

Our therapists have many years of experience working in the healing arts and continue educating themselves by attending massage and bodywork workshops.

Blú day spa's approach is based upon (follows) the natural Ayurvedic healing traditions, which focus on the body, mind, breath and spirit, using only natural products.

our therapists:

Kathleen Sinclair Wood has been a student of energy healing for over 20 years. She attended transformational workshops with Jonathan Goldman, director of the Essential Light Institute in Ashland, Oregon. In early 2000 she began her studies in Reiki and became a Reiki master. In 2013 Kathleen traveled to India and studied Ayurvedic healing. She enjoys working with clients to select appropriate Ayurvedic oils for their skin types.

Doug Walker began studying massage in 1993 at the Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge, MA. He has been in practice since 1995. Doug loves massage as much today as when he first began 20 years ago. He specializes in intuitive massage, deep tissue, energy work, Ayurvedic face care, Japanese foot baths and classic Swedish massage. In 2013 Doug traveled to India to learn Ayurvedic massage, face care and body treatments. He is interested in aromatherapy and enjoys using essential oils in his work. Doug plans to travel again to India to deepen his knowledge of Ayurvedic healing and Thai massage.

Vladislav Iachnyi believes in the body’s ability to heal itself and utilizes his expertise to assist in this process. Specializing in myofascial care, he takes a collaborative approach using many modalities including Trigger Point work, Gua Sha, Cupping, and Myofascial release to provide a relaxing yet effective massage.

Andy LeBlanc is a licensed massage therapist with more than ten years experience. He specializes in deep tissue massage and myoskeletal work which manipulates muscle tissue to help maintain muscle integrity. Andy incorporates stretching and compression in his massage. He also offers body balance which is a condensed version of myoskeletal work. Andy has a passion for massage, stretching, and walking his West Highland white terrier. He practices in PTOWN from mid April until the end of October.



306 commercial street, provincetown


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